Introduction and
Section I: American Indian Nurse Authors

Section II: Nurse Practice Areas

Section III: Nursing Education, Practice & Research

This portion of N-NURSE was created by the American Indian Nursing Scholars Institute and funded by Ottens Foundation, 6 December 2002. Many of the articles are not mutually exclusive related to focus and will be found in multiple areas. Any references to Navajo were placed under Navajo or the specialty area. Since there were so many articles for diabetes and cardiovascular issues related to American Indians only a few are listed. No specific nursing specialty was targeted but some of the references that surfaced under American Indian/culture/ nursing education are listed. These references were found through CINAHL and OVID. This bibliography is a work in progress. We thank Sandra Schwanberg, PhD, MSN, RN Professor Emeritus from University of New Mexico College of Nursing for her contributions to the collection effort. We thank Linda Petri, M.A., University of New Mexico College of Nursing, Project Manager for the “Mentorship for Nursing Careers in the Navajo Nation” as co-editor.

Karine Crow, PhD, RN


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