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Historical Overview
Partnership: A Model for Success

Navajo area nurse leaders and educators plus faculty and staff from University of New Mexico College of Nursing have worked together since 1996 to implement a variety of projects that affect nursing in the Navajo Nation. Throughout these endeavors the importance of collaboration and partnership has been greatly appreciated. 

Interest and Needs Survey

A Health Career Interest and Needs Survey was conducted at 10 health facilities in the Navajo Nation to better understand factors that impact development of health careers for health workers in New Mexico and Arizona Indian Country. The majority of participants were American Indians who intended to stay in their communities. The survey gave voice to a tremendous human resource potential for advancement of human health in this area with significant health needs. (2002-2003)
Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Mexico Partnership for Training Project

Mentorship for Nursing Careers on the Navajo Nation Project
The Mentorship Project emerged from findings of the health worker survey and was funded by the William Randolph Hearst Foundations (2004-2006).  Results of this project included a mentorship into nursing curriculum based in Navajo worldview and values and the creation of a non-profit organization to give voice for nursing on the Navajo Nation that crosses boundaries of institution and health delivery systems.  

Creation of N-NURSE

The Mentorship Project Navajo Nursing Consortium members created the existence of a sustainable organization to continue work began in the mentorship project. Navajoland Nurses United for Research, Service and Education, Inc. (N-NURSE) is that organization. N-NURSE incorporated with Navajo Nation Regulatory Division June 2005 and received non-profit 501(c) 3 status from IRS May 2007.

Founding Members
Standing: Erma Marbut, Linda Petri, Karine Crow, Marlene Eriacho, Barbara
Overman, Loyce Phoenix, Selva Thompson.
Sitting: Sandra Dodge, Ursula Knoki-Wilson. Not pictured is: Lydia Hubbard-Pourier.

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